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American Graffiti

Our Small Business Helping Your Small Business.

Phone: (724) 805-1842

American Graffiti

Our Small Business Helping Your Small Business.

Indoor & Outdoor Signs

Don't let your message get lost.

We have worked with churches all over Westmoreland and Allegheny county replacing older, damaged signage with a new, visually appealing sign that helps get your message out to the community.  Want to learn how we can help your church sign stand out?

Give Keith a Call.

So you never bought a sign for your business before?

If you want to sit down and talk to a guy who has been in the sign business for the past 25 years, feel free to set up a time to do that.  

If you prefer reading, I will walk you through the process below.

What is your sign budget?

Signs are an investment.  They need to be built to withstand 100 mile per hour winds, harsh elements, and they have to stay looking sharp and professional.  There is a lot of fabrication, expertise, and time that goes into the design and manufacturing of commercial signs.

To begin quoting your sign it helps to know your ball park budget. Knowing your budget helps us choose the best sign for your business. We can work with most budgets. Need to finance your new business sign?

Schedule an onsite visit 

After we have a ballpark budget for your signage, we schedule an onsite visit so we understand how and where your sign will be displayed.  During this visit, we can discuss signage options and dig into the details we will need to design and fabricate your business’s new sign.

Custom Designed Sign Mockup & Proposal

After we get photos and measurements onsite, we will create a mockup of what your new sign will look like.  After going through the proposal and reviewing mock-ups, approval, signoff, and initial deposit, fabrication can begin.

The Sign Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for your new sign will vary depending on the type of sign you ordered for your business.  The sign fabrication process can take anywhere from two to four weeks, sometimes longer depending on how custom your sign is.

Installing your new sign

After fabrication and delivery, your sign installation will begin.  Typical installations may take a day or two, but depending on complexity and weather conditions, it may take several days.  (During the installation process, if your sign is digital you may receive training.)

Your 24/7 Sales Machine 

After installation, you will have a brand new sales machine that is working for your business 24/7 and a service partner who will not leave you after the sale.  We support our customers.

We are with you every step of the way.  From design, to installation, to the first time you turn on your new sign.  We promise to be there AFTER the sale to answer any questions you may have or to provide assistance if you need it.


Request a Quote for your Sign

Your sign is our sign too.

We will never forget that.  That is why the job isn’t finished until you are happy.

“After a significant amount of research for a digital sign, we settled on American Graffiti Signs and Digital Displays and I use the word ‘settled’ lightly as it does not do justice to the quality of the sign, software or most importantly the level of support we have received from Keith. His analysis of our site, accuracy as to the quality of sign we needed and the ease of which he conducted the behind the scenes activity were all on point. Keith continues to be a great resource to us months after the sale and the sign has done wonders for our business. Great Job Keith!!

Ed – General Manager, Grabiak Chevrolet, Inc.

We are your Brand Engineer.

We started our business designing turnkey commercial signs for businesses and organizations just like yours. We have expanded our products and services to include custom epoxy and surface designs that captures your company’s culture and brand.

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